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Divorce and Family Law Mediation

Minnesota Divorce and Family Law Mediation


Blahnik Law Office, PLLC provides divorce and family law mediation services to individuals in Minnesota who have a family law related dispute, and who wish to resolve that dispute through methods of alternative dispute resolution. Adam J. Blahnik is a qualified family law neutral in the State of Minnesota. Adam helps, facilitates and assists individualss going through divorce, child custody matters, child support matters, and other Minnesota family law matters to come to a resolution without the need for Court involvement, or minimal Court involvement.


The mediation process is completely confidential, and any communications during mediation, any offers, recommendations, suggestions or proposals made between the individuals in mediation, would not be admissible in Court if the need for Court subsequently arises. This is the case, to allow the individuals to freely discuss options and possibilities without the concern that the other individual will use that information against him or her in any potential subsequent Court proceeding.


Further, divorce and family law mediation in Minnesota is voluntary, meaning that either individual may discontinue the process if she or he is uncomfortable or otherwise wishes to seek other methods to resolve the dispute.


Adam can facilitate mediation with both individuals together in the same room, or in separate rooms. Sometimes the process begins with both individuals in the same room, but the need or desire arises to separate the individuals for whatever purpose. Adam makes this determination through the mediation process, with his mind on helping the individuals reach a constructive and meaningful agreement.


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