Minnesota Divorce and Family Law Lawyers

Going through a divorce is never easy. The process involves difficult decisions that have lasting effects on the people closest to you. It is important to have an attorney with whom you are comfortable and who will vigorously work on your behalf to reach an acceptable outcome. Helping people find the best resolution to a divorce or other family law matters is a focus at the law office of Blahnik, Prchal & Stoll.

All of our attorneys are experienced with helping clients in marriage dissolution and other family law matters. We first seek an amicable resolution through alternative methods that avoid courtroom litigation. When that is not possible, we advocate strongly for our clients at hearings and throughout the trial process. We are experienced with handling complex property division, child custody and support matters.

Blahnik, Prchal & Stoll Law Office, PLLC is a law firm with offices located in downtown Prior Lake and in Lonsdale, Minnesota, and serves the entire Twin Cities area and greater Minnesota. Our team of lawyers and support staff practice in all areas of family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, adoption, pre-nuptial agreements and all other areas of family law.

The legal team at Blahnik, Prchal & Stoll Law Office, PLLC seeks the best solution for each client, whether the client is going through a divorce, child custody proceeding, post-decree motion or other family law proceeding. The firm first seeks to resolve most matters in an amicable manner through informal settlement meetings, mediation or through a process known as early neutral evaluations. If all disputed issues can be resolved through such alternative dispute resolution methods, then a stipulated order or judgment and decree can be prepared and submitted to the court without the need for any prolonged litigation.

Sometimes, an amicable stipulated settlement is just not in the cards. In such cases, the legal team at Blahnik, Prchal & Stoll Law Office, PLLC will vigorously advocate for the interests of its clients through contested motion hearings, evidentiary hearings and during the trial process.

For help with the divorce process, please contact Blahnik, Prchal & Stoll Law Office, PLLC if:

  • you are simply contemplating divorce and want to know your rights
  • you have made the decision to move forward with a divorce and need legal representation
  • you were served with a divorce Summons and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and you need to respond
  • you have commenced the divorce process on your own and are now needing legal assistance
  • you currently have an attorney representing you in the Minnesota divorce proceeding, and you are unhappy with his or her representation

Our Minnesota law firm, offers a complimentary initial consultation (either over the telephone or in person) for all family law matters. Our law firm offers competitive retainer (upfront) fees and hourly rates and provides flat fee rates for amicable divorces and other amicable family law proceedings. Appointments can be scheduled during the week between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (or later) and during the weekends when necessary. Blahnik Law Office, PLLC accepts all forms of payment, including credit cards, checks and cash.

If you have a family law question, or are in need of legal services with a divorce or other family law matter, contact Blahnik, Prchal & Stoll Office, PLLC for a complimentary consultation.