Oftentimes the objective in divorce and family law proceedings in Minnesota, is to stay out of Court. If a divorcing couple finds themselves in Court multiple times, it usually means the divorce is highly contested, which normally means it is costing both spouses significant amounts in attorney's fees. Sometimes, there are just multiple complex issues as part of the divorce, which requires more Court intervention. In Minnesota, there are some common Court hearings that occur as part of a divorce or family law proceedings. These are:

ICMC: Initial Case Management Conference

Motion Hearings




If you are currently going through a divorce and the Court has scheduled one of these hearings, it would behoove you to contact an attorney to learn more about the process. Also, all of these Court hearings and proceedings have filing deadlines that require you to file certain documents prior to the scheduled hearing. If you miss a deadline, the Court could grant your spouse the relief that he or she is seeking as a "default" or the Court could require you to pay your spouse's attorney's fees or other fees as the result of you missing a deadline. Therefore, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney if you find yourself in such a proceeding unrepresented. Blahnik, Prchal & Stoll, PLLC offers a no-cost consultation if you have questions regarding the divorce process.