The law firm, Blahnik Law Office, PLLC, represents client in the city of Richfield and other surroundings areas. Richfield is located in Hennipen County, Minnesota, and has a population of 35,228 within it's 7.1 square miles.
Richfield received its name because of its fertile farm land. In 1908, Richfield became a village. From 1908 -1950 it was a local government with a president, three trustees, and a clerk. November 7, 1950 residents voted for a village-manager form of government, which includes a mayor, four council members and one city manager. Richfield still uses this form of government today.
The first town hall was built in 1879. In 1955, the Chamber of Commerce was formed. The Richfield city hall is now located at 6700 Portland Avenue South, Richfield, MN 55423.
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